Envisioning a Future Beyond Cancer.

Together, we can offer hope, support, and tangible assistance to individuals and families navigating the challenges of cancer, making every step of their journey a little easier.

JUNE 2024

This June, Join Us in Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Month as we Empower Survivors and Support Their Journey

This June, we honor National Cancer Survivors Month by recognizing the strength and resilience of those who have fought cancer. We also highlight the importance of ongoing awareness and education for all cancer types. By learning about different cancers and supporting survivors, we can foster a community of hope and knowledge.

Awareness Through Education

This month, broaden your understanding of cancer prevention and treatment. Whether it's learning about the latest research or understanding the early signs of different cancers, education is a powerful tool in the fight against cancer.

Explore Our Resources

Dive into our comprehensive resources on various cancers, including early detection, treatment options, and survivor stories. Visit our #KnowCancer page for detailed information and support materials.

Get Involved

Your engagement can create a major impact. Learn how you can support the cause and help us in our fight against cancer.

Join the Fight

Understanding Cancer

Cancer is a battle fought on many fronts. It's not just a disease but a myriad of conditions where abnormal cells divide uncontrollably.

Our goal? To arm you with knowledge and support along the way.


Cancer Types

Explore the wide array of cancer types, each with its own set of characteristics, treatments, and research advancements.


Healthy Living

Learn about lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of cancer, including diet, exercise, and avoiding known carcinogens. 


How You Can Help

Discover how you can make a difference through volunteering, fundraising, and advocating for cancer patient support.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to support individuals and families navigating the challenges of cancer. For over 60 years, the American Cancer Fund® and the American Cancer Association® have been your trusted allies, offering education, resources, and comfort to those affected by cancer.

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Your Donation Makes a Direct Impact

In a given year over 1.5 million people may be diagnosed with cancer in the United States and over 500,000 people will die from cancer.

With 89 cents of every dollar donated going directly to our programs that will help cancer patients find all the resources and treatment options they need to fight cancer, your tax deductible donation can make a difference in a cancer patient's life.

Every Donation Counts.

Here's a Few Ways To Give.

Make a Single Donation

Your one-time gift can help us provide immediate resources to those in need.

Give Monthly Support

Join our commitment to long-term change with a monthly donation starting at just $5. This sustained support allows us to plan ahead and extend our reach to more individuals every day.

Celebrate 2024

Embrace the spirit of the year 2024 by opting to donate $20.24 monthly, marking each month with an act of kindness and support.

More Ways to Give

Mobile Donations

On the go? Text "FIGHTCANCER" to 707070 and follow the prompts to donate any amount you choose.

PayPal Giving Fund

Prefer to use PayPal? Give quickly and easily using our PayPal Giving Fund.

Take The #KissingOffCancer Challenge

Join the #KissingOffCancer challenge this Valentine's Day and beyond! Your donation supports vital cancer research and patient support, while offering a meaningful and unique gift to your loved one. With 89 cents of every dollar directly aiding the fight against cancer, your thoughtful gesture will make a lasting impact.

Donate now and spread love that saves lives.

More Ways to Get Involved

Shop. Earn. Give.

Shop with CouponBirds to save, earn cash and support the American Cancer Fund and Association.

Write A Heartfelt Tribute

Make a lasting impact in memory of a loved one by creating a memorial donation that conveys your sympathy and supports the fight against cancer.

Celebrate With A Cause

Gift a donation in honor of a birthday and let us deliver your warm wishes with a note that also contributes to the fight against cancer.