Our Mission

about american cancer fund


Special Note ***Please Note We Are NOT in ANY WAY Associated with the disgraced, fraudulent charity known as Cancer Fund of America***

The American Cancer Fund(ACF)/American Cancer Association(ACA) is a 60+ year old organization dedicated to the education, support and empowerment of those diagnosed with Cancer by organizing and clarifying information. We elevate the level of understanding of Cancer.

ACF provides free, clear, independent information and research to enable patients and their families to make smarter choices for Cancer treatment with an emphasis on dignity, functionality and cure.

We Inform, You Decide!

Cancer education is among the most important facets of surviving cancer. An individual who has been given a diagnosis of cancer and provided with information such as stage and possible treatment options desperately needs additional facts in order to make an educated, empowered decision.

Among some of the questions that must be answers are:

  • What does it mean to be at stage….?
  • Do I need a second opinion?
  • Is there more than one treatment option?

Though the patient’s physician may make every effort to offer answers to these questions, more often than not the patient is not able to hear the physician’s information. Shock, disbelief, grief, and anger among other emotions take the place of rational thought when confronted with this diagnosis. Further, individuals have different learning styles an needs. Some learn by listening, others by reading, while others learn by talking things out. Some individuals can handle medical terms and concepts, while others must be provided the information in very basic language.

Regardless of how an individual receives and processes the information provided, the critical aspect is that the information be easily accessible, be offered repeatedly, and at the level at which the patient can grasp it. Cancer, much like any other serious medical condition, does not afford the patient the luxury of misinformation. We seek to eliminate misinformation by doing the research for the patient; seeks to decrease the precious time wasted in research and data collection by providing a clear understandable source of information; seeks to offer comfort and support by ensuring that the information provided is useful and offered in a caring respectful manner.