Cancer Prevention


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Some Cancers ARE preventable.

Many forms of Cancer come from our environment. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the products we use in our daily life.

You can do this

Don’t smoke; protect your skin from the sun; limit your alcohol consumption; maintain a healthy weight; do regular physical activity; eat healthy food with fruits and vegetables; be aware of changes in your body; know your family’s medical history; Have regular check-ups and cancer screenings at the suggested times.

For more information on how you can prevent cancer, please visit the Center for disease Control (CDC) to learn the basics of prevention.

Cancer may be preventable.

Preventable Cancers

Check out this list of preventable Cancers from the Prevent Cancer Foundation™.

Don’t Smoke!

We know that smoking can not only cause cancer but it also blocks your body from fighting off cancer treatments. The poisons found in cigarettes can weaken the body’s immune system, making it harder to kill cancer cells. Today, nearly 9 out of 10 lung cancers are caused by smoking cigarettes and many other cancers can also be caused by smoking. Because of what’s in tobacco today, smokers have a greater risk for lung cancer than they did in 1964, even though they may smoke fewer cigarettes. Treatments are getting better for lung cancer, but it still kills more men and women than any other type of cancer. Remember, smoking can cause cancer almost anywhere in your body.

What makes quitting smoking so difficult is the addictive chemical nicotine in cigarettes. Over time your body gets used to having and needing nicotine which keeps people smoking. If your body doesn’t get nicotine, you feel severely uncomfortable which creates the compulsion for cigarettes. What you feel is your body’s uncomfortable need to smoke and get nicotine, which is called withdrawal.

The good news is there is Hope, because most of the physical symptoms will go away after a few days to a week, however, the compulsion for cigarettes may stick around longer. We find that sometimes it takes a number of attempts for a person to kick the smoking habit because of the additive nature nicotine. There are many programs available to help smokers. If you smoke, stop smoking as soon as you can.

You can reduce your risk of the deadly lung cancer. The soon you stop the better.

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Cancer Prevention and Detection

Awareness through education is the first and best step in the prevention of some cancers. Awareness through early detection can result in a better outcome for many cancers. Through cancer education we strive to empower the public so they feel as if they are part of the process rather than just a victim. Everyone benefits from cancer education, prevention and early detection via screening.  It definitely makes a difference in the fight against cancer.

Click here for the screening guidelines.