Birthday Greeting

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Turn Birthday Wishes Into Hope For Those Facing Cancer

Whether it's your birthday or a loved one's, each year is a milestone that can also mark a moment of kindness. Celebrate by donating, and turn the joy of your special day into a lifeline for those living with cancer, proving that every birthday can be a powerful opportunity for giving.

Let Us Send A Birthday Wish Note For You

Donate in celebration of a birthday, and the American Cancer Fund will send a personalized birthday greeting in your or your loved one's honor. Your generosity directly supports those bravely fighting cancer.

How Your Donation Helps

Every donation is a gift of support that gives hope to cancer patients and survivors. With 92 cents of every dollar going towards our compassionate programs, you're ensuring nearly 1.5 million people annually receive the help they need. Click here to read heartfelt stories from our community.

Personalize Your Impact

Upon donation, don't forget to leave your personalized birthday message or milestone celebration details in the comments and be sure to write "Happy Birthday" or "Birthday Message". We honor your sentiments by adding them to the birthday greeting. Note that messages will be sent within four days of donation receipt, and yes, we can email it for you, just provide the email address.

Join Our Fight Against Cancer

Over 60 years of dedication to cancer support and research.

  • 92 cents of every dollar goes to cancer support and research.
  • Your contribution supports vital research, education, prevention, and patient navigation.
  • Recognized with a 5 STAR, Gold rating by GuideStar for transparency and efficacy.

Make a Quick Donation via Text!

Send FIGHTCANCER to 707070.

Join The Fight Against Cancer

Your donation fuels breakthrough research and supports those affected by cancer. Together, we can make a lasting impact.