2015 was a great year for the people we serve. We supported nearly 1.5 million people through our organization. In 2016 we are doing even better!!  Our cancer support services are so important to all those diagnosed with cancer as well as their friends and family members. Here is what some of our clients are saying right now:

June 2016

ACF you have been so great. You helped a longtime friend get everything he needed. I just signed up for a monthly donation to support you.  Jean S from Washington

Your sunscreen is great. I talked to your staff and bought 2 tubes of the lotion. It’s fabulous for the strong sun along the North Carolina shore. Julia

 May 2016

You are the only people that knew anything about ocular lymphoma or that it was a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Even the Lymphoma society told me to call you. So grateful for all the fantastic but scary information you provided. You can’t believe how helpful you’ve been. Dana in Kentucky

Never heard of lymphoma on the skin so I called. Thank you so much for all the in-depth research your staff provided. Now I know what questions to ask at my next appointment. Fran D in NJ

You helped my grandmother sooo much. Sending a donation to say thank you. Grace in Kansas City, KS

My sarcoma is rare. Had trouble finding real info. Scarlet helped me find what I needed. She is an angel. Have told everyone in my new support group how great you guys are. Justin – Downers Grove, IL

April 2016

God bless. never knew about needy meds website. It’s a life saver. Alicia -via facebook

Thanks for finding me a free mammogram. ps, It was negative!  Sara – San Antonio, TX

Thank you for the lovely memorial note you sent in honor of my late husband. Mildred – Seminole, FL

Great info you gave me on stage 2 melanoma. I’m feeling very confident with my treatment decision now. Isaac – Jacksonville, FL

Paula – You are an angel. Getting that prostate cancer diagnosis yesterday knocked me down. The booklets you had me download were just what I needed. I did not think I could go on ’til I talked to you. Thank you.  Leo in Illinois

What an amazing staff you guys have. So, so glad you are there to help. feeling like I can fight this with you. Alice –  Minnetonka, MN

Glad to see you are part of Thrivent financial. Now I know my donation is going to a reputable charity. Yvonne – Memphis, TN

March, 2016

Thanks to Scarlet for her compassion and understanding. I know I can handle lymphoma now. You ROCK.  Julie in Detroit

The teen smoking help was just what I needed for my students. Nicole – New York

From Mark in Boston – Those skin cancer pix on the web are very helpful. Got my dad to the skin doctor and he’s finally getting treatment. Thanks you probably saved his life.

I survived 3 different cancers and I’m glad you folks helped me when I needed it most. Marilyn M – Chicago, IL

Did not know there was anything like ocular (eye) cancer until they diagnosed me. So glad I spoke to Paula and had her wonderful help. Getting the treatment I need and I will survive.  Carlos – Mission Viejo

Really nice note from you guys when my grannie passed. Thanks, She’s looking down and giving you a thumbs up. Jordan – Wichita

Thanks again with the clinical trial information. We could not have figured it out with your help.  John J in Baltimore

Can’t believe how great you guys are. I now understand a stage 1 diagnosis I got. I thought I could never survive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Making a donation to you guys and telling all my friends. It’s a small donation but you gave me great advice and immeasurable comfort and hope.  Sean H. Auburn, MS