Mail a check

Checks for memorial donations or donations in Honor of someone living should be made out to the American Cancer Fund and addressed to:

American Cancer Fund
PO Box 7262
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

When sending a check, please provide the name and address for notification along with the name of the deceased or person being honored.

  • For a memorial donation, if you tell us the relationship between the recipient and the deceased, we can personalize the note. (For example: This donation is in memory of John Doe. Can you please send an acknowledgement to his wife Maryanne Doe and Family)
  • For a donation in honor of someone living,  please provide enough information so that we can write an appropriate personalized note. Examples are, my neighbor Bonnie has just celebrated her 60th birthday and I want to honor her. Or, my long time friend has just been promoted to supervisor and I want to congratulate him on the accomplishment.

If you are collecting checks for a memorial, after a funeral, please send the checks as soon as you can. Unfortunately we can NOT accept checks that are over 6 months old.