Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund


*** April 2020 Update*** The Face Book page for Brenda Mehling no longer exists.  We are not sure if this organization is actually still in business. The phone # is also temporarily out of service and the website no longer exists. It is our belief that this organization is no longer in business.

24152 Lyons Avenue, #157
Santa Clarita CA 91321 USA

Email: Email
Phone: 818-737-1866
Fax: 800-428-9323

The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund (BMCF) supports patient’s 18-40 currently undergoing cancer treatment. It covers services to meet daily needs, such as home health care, temporary housing, rent, insurance, and groceries. The Fund also covers co-payments required by many health plans for medical care. The purpose of the BMCF is to help young adults in treatment maintain self-respect and minimize the stress of associated financial challenges.

The BMCF supports patients 18-40 currently undergoing cancer treatment with services to meet daily needs. It provides home health care services, co-payments required by many health plans for medical care, temporary housing, and other expenses for those temporarily unable to pay bills like rent, insurance, and food.

Typical requests measure $500-600 and include health insurance co-payments, temporary housing, transportation, rent, car insurance, entertainment, and groceries.