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Friends of ACF and Supporters

***Christmas Donation Ideas***

Here are some great ways to use your online holiday shopping to help the American Cancer Fund. We call it donating without opening your wallet. The concept is simple. Register at one of the groups that has a donation program with all of the popular websites. Chose the American Cancer Fund as your favorite charity, then shop as usual. The internet company sends us a donation based on your purchase. Please make sure you have chosen the correct charity as there are some charities that have similar names. Thank you.

Here are the great Internet companies whose goals are  to enable the economic power of individuals to benefit their chosen charities.

iGive really is as simple as it sounds.   iGive members can generate donations by shopping at any of their 1,200+ stores.  There are no costs, obligations, nor any hidden fees. It is a free service.

Shopping: It’s all automatic! You don’t need to enter any codes, notify the store, or iGive.  When iGive members shop via their special links (starting at the web site, the iGive Newsletter, or having installed the iGive Button), tracking enables them to identify the purchases of each individual iGive member with a member ID number.  The chosen charity always receives 100% of the donation amount which is advertised on their web site ( receives fees separately from the amounts that go to the cause).

Amazon Smile
Amazon has a program similar to I-Give above but it is just for the Amazon site and their is a fixed donation of .5% donated to your favorite charity based on your Amazon purchase. Click here to register or go to to start shopping.  Please choose the American Cancer Fund as your preferred charity.

Shop For Your Cause
Shop for your cause has a great motto. “Shop the Same. Change the World.” What could be simpler. Once again there are thousands of online stores to access and they have partnered with all the popular ones. Each store has a specific % that they donate. Register by clicking here, shop as usual at your favorite online stores, American Cancer Fund receives a donation from Shop for your Cause. Again, please choose the American Cancer Fund Inc a Non Profit Corporation as your preferred charity for us to receive the donation.

Have a wonderful holiday season!!!