Keeping A Positive Attitude While Going Through Cancer Treatment

By Author/Motivational Speaker – Azuka Zuke Obi

Every single day is an opportunity to be grateful. It is a gift and must be treasured and appreciated. Life at times can come with challenges some of which we cannot control. Over time, humans have been faced with the great challenge posed by Cancer. Today, research is going on to find a cure, but until such a time we must do our best in the management and containment of this dreaded illness. Cancer treatment entails a lot and can be very challenging and it can take its toll on the patient. But no matter what treatment one is going through, it is very imperative to keep a positive attitude before treatment, during treatment, and through recovery. We suggest finding something to be happy or grateful about. Find that good feeling thought and ‘milk it’ for all its worth.

A positive attitude creates an atmosphere of healing and keeps the body in a positive frame of mind especially when one is undergoing cancer treatment.

While undergoing cancer treatment, there will be a number of things that will come up that threaten the patients joy. No matter what they are, positive attitude is the key here. There are a few things that can happen when one is undergoing cancer treatment.

While you are in this battle, the people around you may not understand what you are feeling or going through. Most people mean well, but unless they’ve actually been through your situation, they will never truly understand what you are feeling and going through. People may make well-meaning remarks that may not help. But, no matter what, keeping a positive attitude will keep you in an uplifted mood to continue to go through the phases of treatment.

Understand this; most people don’t intend to be mean by what they say but are trying their best to be supportive and may not know how best to convey their feelings. You can’t control what anyone else says to you but you can surely control how you react to what is said. This is where keeping a positive attitude comes into play to keep you in a good mood regardless of what is said.

Fear is another thing. Most people going through cancer treatments are fearful especially when they start noticing the complications that accompany such treatments. Without a doubt, fear is a dangerous toxin that can ruin your mind if left unchecked. Fear can age you faster, can make you more sick.

Fear is negative energy and can increase your blood pressure or cause other physical ailments. While going through cancer treatments, it is imperative to keep ones’ fear in check and stay in an attitude of positivity at all times. Understand this. It is better to be in a positive attitude and feel better that be in a negative attitude that can make the situation worse. Cancer patients are aware that fears that can be overwhelming. Don’t keep fears inside, embrace them but keep a positive attitude while undergoing treatment. Share your fears with trained professionals and surround yourself with positive people in your network who can help you keep fear in check and keep them from taking over your life completely.

Again we suggest you try to find something to be happy or grateful about. Find that good feeling thought and ‘milk it’ for all its worth. And enjoy every minute of feeling good for as long as you can. Your body and mind will thank you for it.


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